CivicArts / Eric R. Kuhne and Associates is a research and design firm founded in 1983 as an international design consultancy dedicated to the reintegration of architecture, landscape and the civic arts. With projects in North America, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East, Eric R. Kuhne and Associates is renowned for its efforts to build great civic spaces in retail, leisure, commercial office, waterfronts, public buildings, parks and gardens. Each project claims a significant restoration of the story-telling qualities of architecture and the landscape through an aggressive civic arts program.

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Clad Tidings: Titanic Signature Project's plates in place

The Titanic Signature Project reached an important milestone this month with the completion of its eye-catching aluminium cladding. Devised with the help of specialist facade contractor Metallbau Frueh, and manufactured by EDM Spanwall, the 3,000 anodised aluminium plates are arranged into a complex symmetrical pattern, fracturing the reflected light into an abstract sea of shards.
See the details in the Architects Journal, illustrated as ever with Donal McCann's dramatic photographs:

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Signature Project to get the Full Picture: Dr Robert Ballard prepares to return to Titanic

Pioneering deep sea explorer Dr Robert Ballard has announced he will return to the wreck of the RMS Titanic that he first discovered with Jean-Louis Michel back in 1985.
The purpose of next months's 2.33 mile descent to the seabed is to document the badly damaged stern section of the ship, which broke away during the dramatic final moments of her sinking.
The stern section lies some 600m away from bulk of the ship, surrounded by the ghostly debris field from which the majority of Titanic artefacts have ben recovered.
This new visual material will allow curators and exhibition designers for the Titanic Signature Project to piece together the very first complete digital image of the wreck, which will be incorporated into the cutting-edge visual presentations being devised for the galleries that are due to open in April.
Read the full story in the Belfast Telegraph:

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The Book of the Mall: Two CivicArts projects published in ArtPower's 'More? Mall!'

Bluewater and the Mall of Kuwait have just been given the multi-page treatment in ArtPower's latest book, 'More? Mall!'
At over 300 pages, this weighty volume features over 60 retail projects worldwide, offering a revealing overview of contemporary mall design.
Based in Shenzhen, China, ArtPower are steadily building an impressive back catalogue of substantial arts and design titles, bringing the world of architecture, interiors, graphic and product design to an expanding Chinese readership.

ArtPowers' website:

'More? Mall!' book profile:

Marking a moment in time: Belfast commemorates Titanic's launch

100 years ago today, the completed hull of the RMS Titanic left the cradle of the Arrol Gantry and took to the water for the first time. 
Launching a vessel over 882 feet long and weighing 24,360 tons was no small feat, with 15 tons of tallow, 3 tons of soft soap, and 5 tons of train oil and tallow mix being required to ease her stern-first slide into the Lagan.
Once safely afloat, the mighty hull was towed to the deepwater wharf where she would be fitted-out as a liner of unparalleled luxury and comfort.
A service of commemoration will take place today to mark this momentous moment in the life of the liner, on the very site of the Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast.
Led by Chris Bennett, chaplain of Belfast's Titanic Quarter development, it will include a moment's silence for the 1,517 people who lost their lives upon the liner's maiden voyage; an event that was to make Titanic's tale such a poignant mix of triumph and tragedy.
As a symbolic flare is launched at 12:13 BST, the precise hour of the launch, it's glow will be reflected in the partially-plated hull of the Titanic Signature Project: a concrete reminder that this Irish engineering achievement is not forgotten.

Powering through the pipeline: Titanic Signature Project progresses

With less than a year to go until it’s scheduled opening, construction of the Titanic Signature Project continues a pace under the ever-watchful lens of photographer Donal McCann. Commissioned by Harcourt Construction and Titanic Quarter to document the build, Donal’s portrait of a major attraction in the making is destined to become the definitive record of the Queen’s Island development.

The three-dimensional cladding of folded aluminium plates is providing ample opportunities for elegant abstract shots, emphasising the graphic aspect of the design that is intended to evoke the play of light on water.

Comparing Donal’s photographic record with CivicArts’ original renders ably demonstrates how well the form has transferred from sketch to site to create a rich and engaging fa├žade.

You can keep pace with the TSP’s rapid progress through Donal’s dedicated project page, and read his anecdotes of onsite photography via his blog:

Donal McCann - The Signature Project:

Donal McCann’s Blog:

CivicArts – Titanic Signature Project, Belfast
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Prime Example: Eric to speak at the e.g. 5 conference this Friday

Eric Kuhne will be the opening the 'My World' section of this year's e.g. 5 conference with an inspiring presentation on 'cities of the future'.
Described as 'the premiere gathering of and for the innovators in media, technology, entertainment and eduction', each e.g. offers its attendees a stimulating mix of speakers, covering everything from animation to architecture.
Past contributors have included Simpson's creator Matt Goering, and Pritzker Prize-winning architects Richard Meier and Frank Gehry.
Held at the Monterey Conference Center, California, the 3-day conference starts this Thursday.

See the e.g. website for more details of this year's agenda:

Date for the diary: 14:00h, Friday 8th April 2011