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Signature Project to get the Full Picture: Dr Robert Ballard prepares to return to Titanic

Pioneering deep sea explorer Dr Robert Ballard has announced he will return to the wreck of the RMS Titanic that he first discovered with Jean-Louis Michel back in 1985.
The purpose of next months's 2.33 mile descent to the seabed is to document the badly damaged stern section of the ship, which broke away during the dramatic final moments of her sinking.
The stern section lies some 600m away from bulk of the ship, surrounded by the ghostly debris field from which the majority of Titanic artefacts have ben recovered.
This new visual material will allow curators and exhibition designers for the Titanic Signature Project to piece together the very first complete digital image of the wreck, which will be incorporated into the cutting-edge visual presentations being devised for the galleries that are due to open in April.
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