CivicArts / Eric R. Kuhne and Associates is a research and design firm founded in 1983 as an international design consultancy dedicated to the reintegration of architecture, landscape and the civic arts. With projects in North America, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East, Eric R. Kuhne and Associates is renowned for its efforts to build great civic spaces in retail, leisure, commercial office, waterfronts, public buildings, parks and gardens. Each project claims a significant restoration of the story-telling qualities of architecture and the landscape through an aggressive civic arts program.

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Clad Tidings: Titanic Signature Project's plates in place

The Titanic Signature Project reached an important milestone this month with the completion of its eye-catching aluminium cladding. Devised with the help of specialist facade contractor Metallbau Frueh, and manufactured by EDM Spanwall, the 3,000 anodised aluminium plates are arranged into a complex symmetrical pattern, fracturing the reflected light into an abstract sea of shards.
See the details in the Architects Journal, illustrated as ever with Donal McCann's dramatic photographs:

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