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Powering through the pipeline: Titanic Signature Project progresses

With less than a year to go until it’s scheduled opening, construction of the Titanic Signature Project continues a pace under the ever-watchful lens of photographer Donal McCann. Commissioned by Harcourt Construction and Titanic Quarter to document the build, Donal’s portrait of a major attraction in the making is destined to become the definitive record of the Queen’s Island development.

The three-dimensional cladding of folded aluminium plates is providing ample opportunities for elegant abstract shots, emphasising the graphic aspect of the design that is intended to evoke the play of light on water.

Comparing Donal’s photographic record with CivicArts’ original renders ably demonstrates how well the form has transferred from sketch to site to create a rich and engaging façade.

You can keep pace with the TSP’s rapid progress through Donal’s dedicated project page, and read his anecdotes of onsite photography via his blog:

Donal McCann - The Signature Project:

Donal McCann’s Blog:

CivicArts – Titanic Signature Project, Belfast
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